Transparency: A Freeware Tool to Make Windows 10 Taskbar Transparent

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It is possible to change the default transparency of the Taskbar in Windows 10 using Registry Editor. However, all Windows 10 users are not happy to learn registry tweaking. If you prefer to use a third-party tool instead to change the transparency of the Windows 10 taskbar, then Transparency is a good option for you.

Transparency for Windows 10

Transparency is a freeware and portable tool that is specially built for Windows 10. It is a small program that simplifies the whole process, allowing you to perform the modification with just a couple of mouse clicks. It is very novice-friendly and entirely safe for use.

In two easy steps, you can make the taskbar more transparent. Once you download and launch the application by double-clicking on its executable file, you are presented with a minimalistic interface that shows you before and after examples of the taskbar’s transparency, along with two small buttons that allow you to modify.

When you click the button on the left (tick mark), a new registry entry is created on your computer that increases the transparency of the taskbar as soon as File Explorer is restarted. You can easily restart File Explorer by clicking the button on the right.

If you are not happy with the changes, you can revert them to their default state. To make the taskbar in its original state, you simply need to perform the same actions a second time.

Although Transparency is a good and free application to make Windows 10 Taskbar transparent, it does not allow you to fine-tune the transparency of the taskbar. Also, it is worth noting that the Start menu’s transparency is not altered, so that it may look a bit odd depending on the brightness of the background.

If you’re not happy with the default opacity of the Windows 10 taskbar, this application is certainly worth a try.

Download Transparency

If you want to try Transparency, you can download this free application from Softpedia. A separate program is available for 32-bit and 64-bit OS, so please be careful while downloading.

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