USB Lockit: Secure your USB flash drive in Windows 11 and 10

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Protecting your USB flash drives from unauthorized access is always a wise idea. Everyone puts a password on their Windows PC, but nobody cares about the password on their USB flash drive. A password is the most effective way to secure your USB drive, in my opinion. Whenever you use a third-party computer, you should protect your USB flash drives with passwords.

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USB Lockit is a freeware tool that lets you protect your USB flash drives with a secured password. It is available free of charge for both Windows 11/10 and Android operating systems. The only cache is that it supports only FAT32/exFAT formatted USB flash drive. This software does not support NTFS formatted USB flash drives.

USB Lockit is a portable tool, which means you can use it anywhere without installing it on your computer. One should note that it only uses a PIN to secure the USB flash drive, not use any form of encryption, which means it will not protect you from hackers. This means it will not protect you from hackers, but it is more than good enough for normal users.

How to Secure your USB flash drive with USB Lockit?

Step 1. Download the USB Lockit.

Step 2. Copy the downloaded portable file to your USB flash drive.

Step 3. Launch the USB Lockit from the USB flash drive.

Step 4. It will prompt you to enter a new PIN code.

Step 5. Type your PIN in the New PIN input field and repeat the same on Confirm new PIN field.

Step 6. After entering the PIN, hit the LOCK button to lock your USB flash drive. From now onward, access to third parties to your flash drive is no more allowed.

To access the USB flash drive, you or anyone else will be required to type the PIN.

Download USB Lockit

You can download the USB Lockit latest version from its official website.

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