What Basics Do I Need to Learn Cloud Computing?

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Cloud computing is one of the most trending domains in the current job market. Your scope will be widened after a cloud computing certification, with more companies realizing the significance of these solutions. But before you earn your cloud computing certification, you must become familiar with a few basic concepts.

Cloud computing is related to various technologies. Knowledge of the associated technologies will help you better grasp different cloud computing concepts. The primary topics to familiarize yourself with before learning cloud computing are as follows:-

Programming Skills

A cloud computing professional often works with different programming languages. Therefore, proper programming skills are necessary for the cloud computing field. Programming languages commonly used in cloud computing include Python, PHP, Java, and . NET.

Each programming language has unique advantages. Therefore, you must have at least a beginner’s knowledge about them. For instance, Python has various libraries to make programming easier and more efficient.

PHP is another programming language integral for building cloud computing applications. PHP has become more commonplace because of its simplicity and open-source nature. The language makes it easy to connect applications to different databases.

Agile Development Knowledge

Agile development is an efficient software development methodology. It involves developing software products with self-organizing and cross-functional teams. A team will introduce a product during a certain development stage.

They collect users’ feedback on the product. After that, they modify the product based on the collected feedback. User feedback enables the developers to understand the weak areas of their product.

Mobile apps are usually developed using the agile methodology. Companies release an app and keep adding new updates. The updates help further enhance the experience of users.

Agile development helps companies increase customer satisfaction with effective and efficient products. Almost every company is focused on using the agile methodology. Therefore, gaining knowledge about its principles, implementation, and terminology is crucial in cloud computing.

Prerequisites of Privacy and Security

Privacy and security in the digital world have become a matter of concern. A study in 2019 revealed that security breaches escalated by 67% in the last five years. Companies often struggle with keeping their cloud-based applications safe from malicious objects and hackers.

Knowledge about cybersecurity fundamentals will help you succeed as a cloud computing professional. You will be equipped with the best ways to prevent cybersecurity threats. It will significantly lower the risk of hacking.

Encryption and cryptography are two prominent subjects in the field of cybersecurity. You can start with these two subjects to expand your knowledge of cybersecurity. Even a little knowledge about these subjects will benefit cloud computing professionals.

Knowledge About Databases

Databases help organizations to store and access information. You must help your organization develop and manage cloud-based databases as a cloud computing professional. Therefore, you must acquire knowledge about databases’ functionality before learning cloud computing.

Cloud-based databases have become immensely popular in the last few years. Cloud-based databases enable companies to enjoy the benefits of a database without any necessary software. While the basics of databases are important, you should also know about related technologies.

For instance, you need to know about SQL. It is the programming language required for any relational database management system. Other prominent database technologies for cloud computing include Apache Hadoop, MySQL, and MongoDB.

Concept of Virtualization

Virtualization involves creating virtual devices, servers, and infrastructure on a single computing device. It revolves around creating a virtual and software-based representation of any device. The device can be a virtual network, storage, or even an application.

Virtualization helps in multiplying software devices without increasing the hardware. It ensures that operating costs can be reduced. Knowing how to create a virtual machine on your computer is crucial before you learn cloud computing.

A virtual machine is a fundamental element in virtualization. You can consider it as a custom computer. But a virtual machine is originally a functional copy of a computer.

Multiple VMs can exist on a single computer. Every virtual machine has its operating system, RAM, disk space, CPU, and more. Sometimes the configuration of a virtual system on the networking side can be quite complicated to manage the inherent complexities in virtualization.

Familiarity with Operating Systems

Before you learn cloud computing, familiarize yourself with the basic functionalities of operating systems like Windows, Linux, and macOS. Familiarity with Linux is crucial since it’s popular among cloud computing companies. It is one of the basic requirements before enrolling in a cloud computing course.

If you have been familiar with using a PC or a similar device for some time, you probably already know about operating systems. The basics of an operating system will also help you better understand the concept of virtualization.

Networking Basics

Once you understand virtualization, you must focus on learning about the basics of networking. In the cloud computing sector, networking deals with hosting network resources from the cloud. It includes virtual routers, firewalls, bandwidth, network management software, and more.

Every beginner should start with knowledge about IP addresses and their functionality. Without becoming familiar with IP addresses, you won’t be able to grasp advanced networking concepts. A cloud-based solution network will help users to connect with different cloud computing services.

A cloud-based solution has different components like storage nodes and servers. The network will help connect the different components. Don’t rush learning all the networking concepts because they are a little difficult for even people with an analytical mind.

Closing Thoughts

Cloud computing has become immensely popular for data storage and remote access to work-related data. The cloud can transform operations for different businesses. It can be used for in-house operations or software deployment on the corporate level. Caltech offers a world-class online Cloud Computing Bootcamp for beginners, executives, and professionals, which can step up your career in Cloud Computing.

It’s not surprising that a diverse field like cloud computing requires you to acquire basic knowledge about other things. Remember to increase your knowledge in the related aspects before you enroll in a cloud computing course. It will help you extract the best from a cloud computing certification and explore different opportunities.

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