13 Beautiful Icon Packs for Windows 11 and 10
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In this video, we have provided download links for 13 Beautiful Icon Packs for Windows 11 and 10.


In this icon pack, you can choose between Light icons and Dark icons according to your preferences. It contains only folder icons, but there are different colors. In Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and Windows 11, you can easily set up these free folder icons. All versions of Windows follow the same procedure for changing folders.

You can download the Simplus icon pack from


In order to get more advanced and colorful icons in Windows 10, users should consider Lumicons. Unlike the first pack, this one contains a variety of icons, including Windows System, Folders, Mono / Symbolic, Adobe CC, Office Apps, and many more. You can choose different shades and colors even within these selections.

You can download Lumicons icons from

Insignia Icon Theme

Insignia Icon Theme may be your first choice if you need a different approach to file icons on Windows 11/10. It includes icons for web apps like Google Drive, Facebook, Skype, Gmail, etc.

You can download Insignia Icon Theme from

Shadow 135

Using the Shadow 135 icon pack will allow you to replace almost all of the Folder and Drive icons within the Windows 11/10 interface. It has many icons for almost every purpose.

You can download Shadow 135 from

Star Trek Folders

If you love Star Trek and want to add some tone to your desktop icons or folders, then check out this icon set. With the Star Trek Folders icon set, you can easily change the look of Windows 10/11.

You can download Star Trek Folders from


Originally made for macOS, the Agua icon pack looks great on Windows 10. Its simple design and overall appeal to the eyes make it a popular choice. However, only a limited number of icons are available.

You can download the Agua icon pack from

Pixelated Icon Set

If you want your Windows 11/10 to look retro, the Pixelated Icon Set may be your first choice. Your desktop will look like an old video game from the 80s or 90s once you finish everything. The icons may make it hard to see for a while, but you’ll get used to them in no time. Enjoy!

You can download Pixelated Icon Set from

OS X Minimalism iPack

Almost all of the icons are available in .png format in OS X Minimalism iPack, an icon pack with a touch of OS X icons and Minimal icons. In addition to the standard system-wide icons, the OS X Minimalism iPack also patches icons for Chrome, Firefox, RegEdit, Calculator, Command Prompt, and Windows Media Player. Once the icons are installed, they will automatically update.

Once you have extracted the contents, run OS X Minimalism iPack executable file. It is packaged under 7Z, and you can extract it using WinRAR or 7-Zip software.

You can download the OS X Minimalism iPack icon pack from

Kameleon Icons

A modern icon pack for Windows 11/10, Kameleon Icons includes 120 icons based on simple images on circular backgrounds. The icons match all the major Windows folders, including Documents, Downloads, Photos, and more. It can be downloaded as an SVG, PNG, or ICO image.

You can download Kameleon Icons from

Kingdom Icons

The Kingdom Icons pack includes swords, crowns, arrows, bows, castles, etc. Those who play such types of games will love to use these icons.

You can download Kingdom Icon

Chibi Anime Drive Icons

You can download Chibi Anime Drive Icons

Flat Color W10 Icon Pack

You can download the Flat Color W10 Pack

40 Gamy Vintage Social Media Icons

The Gamy Vintage Social Media Icons pack contains 40 vintage-inspired icons in brown color. You can find icons for different social media platforms in this pack.

You can download Gamy Vintage Social Media Icons


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