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How to Verify Install Date of Windows 11/10?

Do you want to find out the date and time when your Windows 11/10 was installed on your computer? If you’re going to find the Windows installation date and time, this gearupwindows article will guide you with steps. On Windows 11/10 PCs, there are a few ways available to determine the date and time when […]

How to Find your Product Key in Windows 11/10?

There are several product keys finder software available for Windows 11 and Windows 10. There is nothing wrong with these freeware tools but not all Windows users want to use a third-party tool. This gearupwindows article will guide you on finding the product (activation) keys from installed Windows 11/10 computers using command prompt and Powershell. […]

How to Switch Between Light and Dark Mode Automatically on Windows 11/10?

Dark Mode is one of the popular modes/themes that are used widely on Windows 11/10 PCs. It is a perfect solution for those who don’t like to see white screens all around, primarily if they work in the dark. Once you activate dark mode, all supported applications also wear a dark theme. However, the most […]

Free Privacy Protection Tool for Windows 11/10: O&O ShutUp10++

As the world is growing with the latest technologies, hackers are also getting equipped with intelligent technologies. So in this data-centric world, computer users need to take every method to ensure their data is fully protected. We save our private data, including bank details, and in our PCs and forget about that security. Then, evil […]

How to Add or Remove “Copy To folder” and “Move To folder” Context Menu in Windows 11/10?

Suppose you frequently copy or move files/folders from one location to another on a Windows 11/10 computer. In that case, this gearupwindows will help you to add “Copy To folder” and “Move To folder” options in the context menu. After enabling these options in the context menu, when you right-click on file/folder, you will find […]

How to Add and Change Language on Google Chrome in Windows 11/10?

Windows 11/10 comes with a built-in browser known as Microsoft Edge. Edge allows you to add several languages, and further, you can also make them default to view your browser on your preferred language. If you use Chrome as the default browser and want to add or change language, this gearupwindows article will guide you. […]

How to Change a Language of Edge Browser on Windows 11/10?

If you prefer to add and use your local language on Edge browser on Windows 11/10 PC, now Microsoft makes it possible. Those Edge users who want to see their browser in their own language can install a language pack on the browser. You can add multiple languages on the Edge browser, and when you […]

How to Enable or Disable Start Menu Animation in Windows 11/10?

Start Screen (in Windows 8.1) or Start Menu (in Windows 11/10) animation looks stylish and sophisticated. But a few Windows users don’t like it and want to change its behavior. If you are one of those users who dislike animations and want Tiles, menus, etc., to display instantly, this gearupwindows article will help you. In […]

RoundedTB : Make Windows 11/10 Taskbar Corners Round

Windows 11 comes with a whole new Taskbar and center-aligned icons that look pretty good. Even you can increase or decrease the size of Windows 11 Taskbar Icons according to your needs. Still does not happy, then RoundedTB has something for you. RoundedTB for Windows 11/10 RoundedTB is a freeware application that allows you to […]

ForceDelete: A New Freeware Utility Forcibly Deletes Files and Folders Instantly

If you are hunting for a neat, clean, and powerful freeware tool that enables users to unlock files in use and delete or even shred them immediately, then you should adopt ForceDelete. ForceDelete for Windows 11/10 People often get the error alert “Cannot delete file: Access is denied” or “The file is used by another […]