How to Change Drive or Volume Label in Windows 11 or 10?

The Volume Label is the friendly name for a connected drive or volume on Windows PCs. Usually, Windows 11 or 10 assigns Local Disk as its volume label for internal and external drives or volumes by default, such as Local Disk (C:). However, for a USB thumb or flash drive, Windows assigns the label USB Drive. […]

How to Insert Subscript and Superscript in Word?

Subscript or Superscript is typically used for trademark, copyright, footnotes, endnotes, and mathematical or scientific formulas. You can set a text character slightly above (superscript) or below (subscript) the normal baseline. Superscripts can be used to denote huge numbers in the Scientific Notation, as this makes the number appear more compact. For instance, you can […]

How to Add Notes in PowerPoint?

Presenting a long slideshow to an audience can be an arduous task. When you present a slideshow, you may want to say more than what is displayed on the slides. You may want to expand on the text you’ve included, or if the slide only contains graphs or diagrams, explain them further. In such conditions, […]

How to Show or Hide Non-Printing Characters in Word?

When you start typing in a Microsoft Word document, you see only the contents you type. Besides these specific contents, Word also uses several special characters you don’t see on the screen. Such as characters to indicate the end of a line or a paragraph, tabs, spaces, etc. Word refers to these special characters as […]

How to Show or Hide the Ruler in Microsoft Word?

Rulers in Microsoft Word allow you to position the text, graphics, tables, and other elements in your documents. You can hide both the horizontal and vertical rulers on your Word document to gain a bit extra space. Microsoft Word includes two rulers, and you enable either horizontal, horizontal, or both rulers according to your needs. […]

How to Use a Picture as a Background in PowerPoint?

Microsoft PowerPoint library includes several colors, textures, and patterns that you can choose to apply as PowerPoint’s presentation background. Apart from that, you can also select a custom image from your PC to set it as a background image. In this gearupwindows article, you will learn how to use an image as a background in […]

How to Mount Folder as Drive in Windows 11 or 10?

Windows 11 and 10 allow you to mount a drive or partition in a folder. Also, you can mount your favorite folder as Drive in Windows 11 or 10 to quickly access that in File Explorer. Once you mount your folder as a virtual drive, the folder will appear and act like other drives or […]

How to Embed Fonts in a Microsoft Word and PowerPoint?

When you email a copy of your Word document or PowerPoint presentation to someone, and they don’t have a font installed, Microsoft Office shows that file with the default font instead. This unnecessarily messes up the whole layout and makes the document look completely different. So, to fix these issues, you can embed fonts into […]

How to Unmount or Mount a Drive in a Folder in Windows 11 or 10?

You can mount your internal or external drive to an empty folder using built-in options on Windows 11 or 10. That means to mount your drive in a folder; you don’t need a third-party tool. Once the drive is mounted to a folder, the drive will appear under the folder; just list another folder. The […]

How to Merge Word Documents?

Merging two or more Word documents is easy. You can simply copy and paste one document into another. This method is relatively easy and good when you have small documents. But, if you have several large documents to merge, there are chances for copying and pasting mistakes. Microsoft has provided a far easier method to […]