How to Change the Taskbar Color on Windows 11?

Although Windows 11 enables Transparency Effects in Windows 11, it does not make the Taskbar completely transparent. If you want to see a completely transparent taskbar, you need to use a third-party freeware application. But, what if you’re going to dress up your Taskbar with any color of your choice? Luckily Windows11 offers a built-in way […]

How to Download and Make Windows 11 Bootable USB?

Using a USB flash drive, installing Windows 11 is relatively easy and effective. We don’t have to worry about scratches on the disk. While Windows 11 will officially be available on 5 Oct 2021, and people have started installing and testing it. Microsoft is rolling out Windows 11 on its Dev and Beta channels for […]

How to Change Drive Letter for Local/Removable Disk on Windows 11?

Windows automatically assigns a drive letter to your hard drives and external drives. Still, to personalize your PC, you can give a specific drive letter according to your choice. There are several ways to assign a drive letter on Windows 11 PC, and we will review them one by one. When you install Windows 11, […]

How to Remove Evaluation Copy Watermark on Windows 11?

The forthcoming Windows 11 final release is scheduled for 5 Oct 2021. Most Windows users are already using Windows Insider, and beta builds to view the upcoming update. However, some users see the ‘Evaluation copy’ watermark that is quite annoying. Now, what to do? Is something wrong with our OS? Is your copy of Windows […]

How to Enable or Disable Content Adaptive Brightness on Windows 11?

All modern Windows laptops and tablets include advanced graphics that allows Windows 11 to adjust the screen brightness and contrast based on the content displayed. This feature is known as Content Adaptive Brightness on Windows 11. Although this feature can help with battery performance, it can cause distracting brightness changes that decrease the image quality […]

How to Switch Mouse Primary Button on Windows 11?

We are all familiar with the mouse left button that is used as the primary button on all Windows operating systems, including Windows 11. We can select, drag, click, and perform normal mouse operations using the left mouse button. By default, Windows assigns the left mouse button as a primary button that is handy for […]