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What are the main uses of the Microsoft Print to PDF feature in Windows 11/10?

Windows 11/10 offers a built-in feature to take the printout of a document in a PDF (Portable Document Format) file known as Microsoft Print to PDF. It is one of the important features that all Windows users do not know. If you don’t know the importance of “Microsoft Print to PDF” in Windows 11/10, this […]

Fix: “Microsoft Print to PDF” is missing from Printer Selection

How to restore Microsoft Print to PDF? How to activate Microsoft Print to PDF option? Microsoft Print to PDF is a built-in function of Windows 11/10. It allows users to print any document in PDF format with a click. That means you don’t need to download and install third-party software on Windows 10 PC to […]

How to Combine Multiple Pictures into Single PDF in Windows 11/10?

How do I combine multiple images in Windows 11/10 PDF? What is the best way to save multiple images into a single PDF? Windows 11/10 comes with several features, and out of those, one is Microsoft Print to PDF. In this gearupwindows article, we will take the help of this PDF printer to merge multiple […]

How to Save a Notepad File as PDF in Windows 11/10?

Notepad is a part of the Windows operating system for a long time. Over time Windows OS has been improved a lot, but Notepad has not seen any big improvement till Windows 11/10. It is similar in look and function as we have seen in Windows XP. This gearupwindows article will show you the steps […]

How to Repair a ZIP File and Extract its Contents on Windows 11/10/8/7 PC?

How do I fix a corrupted ZIP file in Windows 11/10? How do I fix a compressed zipped folder error? Zip is a popular format for achieving a file or folder and sharing it over the internet. Most software packages are distributed in a zip file because it reduces the size and is also easy […]

How to Make the Taskbar Transparent in Windows 10/11?

How do I make my taskbar 100% transparent? Windows 10/11 offers a lot of customization to enhance the look of your system. It is also possible to tweak the Taskbar to personalize the look. If you want to make the taskbar more appealing, you can change its transparency level. You can use built-in options or […]

How to open Registry Editor in Windows 11 / 10 / 8 / 7?

How do I access the registry on Windows PC? How do I open the registry? The Windows Registry is a hierarchical database that stores the low-level settings of the Microsoft Windows operating system and its applications. Apart from the program, kernel, device drivers, services, Security Accounts Manager, and user interfaces can all use the Windows […]

How to Convert Folder to ISO on Windows 11/10 PC?

Basically, an ISO file is used to create backups of CDs and DVDs, and a single ISO file may contain many folders. However, you can even create an ISO from the folders on your Windows PC. There may be multiple reasons to keep your folder in an ISO Image file. For instance, you may want to […]

Bing Wallpaper: Downloads and Applies Desktop Wallpaper Automatically on Windows 11/10

We all love high-quality, beautiful wallpapers and for that Bing search engine is the most known place. Bing search engine daily refreshes its background image. We can decorate our Windows 11/10 Desktop with Bing search engine background images. In this gearupwindows post, we will share some of the freeware software that helps you to download […]

How to Update Windows 11/10 Drivers using Third-Party Tools?

Microsoft automatically pushes driver update with every Windows update as and when the manufacturer releases them to their hardware. But suppose you are experiencing audio, video, keyboard, mouse, camera, or microphone problems while running Windows 11/10 PC. In that case, you can use a third-party tool to update specific or all hardware components. In this […]