If you are searching for a good Windows PC optimizer application, you can consider Abelssoft PC Fresh. Its regular cost for one license is €29.90; however, in this giveaway, you can grab it for free.

Abelssoft PC Fresh for Windows 11 and 10

Using Abelssoft PC Fresh, you can make your PC faster, customize your computer and do a lot more. You can use the application on your Windows 11, 10, 8.1, and 7 PCs.

You can turn off unnecessary Windows services, and annoying autostarts using the PC Fresh application, which will optimize the performance of your computer. Windows comes with a lot of features, many of which are useless for the majority of users.

In addition, the tool comes with a manager that makes editing the ‘open with menu’ very simple. This app does not require any advanced knowledge to use. With its user-friendly interface, even the most novice can use it and optimize his PC. To make your PC faster, the software offers several modules that you can use with a mouse click. It takes Windows by the reins and adjusts it comprehensively to your own wishes.

A user can view the active services running in the background of Windows using PC Fresh. Users can switch off many services they do not need. In addition to relieving memory and improving performance, PC Fresh can also help influence Windows performance options.

Many programs begin running without being asked – even when they aren’t needed – and this effect is also evident when the autostart list is tidied up. With the Customization module, you can customize Windows to meet your own needs and optimize the PC. The software gathers the current status and issues recommendations for new settings.

A single mouse click with the ‘Power Now’ module ensures maximum performance by turning off all unnecessary settings to speed up the PC. More tuning aids can be found under Security & Power Tools. These tools are capable of defragmenting hard drives, optimizing working memory, analyzing storage space usage, and displaying system information.

With the “Open With” Manager, you can customize Windows’ “Open With” associations. By doing so, the user is able to decide which program opens when he double-clicks on a file. PC Fresh can also clean the existing “Open With” list of old and no longer valid associations.

Abelssoft PC Fresh Free License

There is no need to enter a license key to activate Abelssoft PC Fresh. Just download and install the giveaway copy of this tool from here and install it on your computer as regular software. It will be activated automatically.

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