Google Chrome: A Helpful Tool in Managing Activity and Suggested Articles on Windows 11

One of the must-have browsers you should have on your Windows 11 is Google Chrome. Google Chrome syncs your browser’s history, bookmarked necessary sites, and saves the passwords. You can operate Chrome across all devices, and this app enables you to browse smoothly.

Chrome does both the task of generating and saving solid passwords, and it also protects your privacy by warning you about online breaches. However, one of the best features of Chrome is that you will get all the solutions and answers here, whatever you need. You will get every solution you need, including dictionary lockups, math calculations, weather forecasts, word meanings, and exact addresses on the search bar.

How you can Manage your Activity in Google Chrome?

Once you log in to Chrome for managing your Activity, follow the steps below:-

Step 1. From your Windows 11 Chrome browser, go to Google My Activity.

Step 2. Click on Others Google Activity from the left sidebar menu.

Step 3. Click the Manage activity under Web & App Activity.

Step 4. Once you complete the above steps, a new tab will open. Go to the Saving activity first settings.

Step 5. Here, you can turn on/off the settings.

Directly you can control all your app and web-related Activity. You can also change and maintain the location history and YouTube’s setting, including other activities such as subscriptions, ads, etc. For that, you need to repeat the steps and in step 3 above, select the “Manage activity” option accordingly.

How to Access and Delete All the Google History Activity?

There are two settings in Google Chrome, and the settings are Auto-delete and Saving activity.

Saving Activity: Whatever Activity you do on Google, there remains a history of it. And based on the record, Google suggests various articles for you. If you turn off the saving activity options, Google will no longer save your Activity or history. In simple words, Google will stop holding your Activity if you turn off this setting.

Auto-Delete: If you enable the Auto-delete option, it will delete your created every new Activity. However, it is also adjustable to delete those activities which become longer than 6 or 18 months.

If you want to delete your previous Activity permanently, you will get the option of topics preview related to your interest and recent Activity. Press the Confirm button to delete it.

Use the Auto-Delete Option to Delete Activity

You can also delete your browser’s old saved Activity from this option. Next to “Filter by date and products,” the Delete option locates. Use the delete option to remove all your Activities. You can delete your Activity by using any custom range, for example, by the last day, last hour, or all time.

The Way to Manage Your Suggested Article Interests

Google does not offer an option to manage suggested article interests. However, smartphone users are allowed to manage the suggested articles from the publisher or their particular issues. If you click on the three dots near the suggested articles, you can use the following options in Chrome:-

Link Download: You can use this option in Chrome to directly save and download the articles. However, all the downloaded and saved themes will be visible to you even if you are offline. In addition, you will not disturb by the ads even on your saved articles because the saved ones don’t display the ads.

You can save or download those articles which seem interesting to you. However, the compositions may disappear from the suggested articles after the Chrome update if you don’t keep them.

Hide Story: If you want to hide a particular story from your suggested articles, you can do it too by tapping on the option. So, you will get suggestions for other pieces from the same publisher.

Not Interested: If you are not interested in a particular topic, click on this option. And as a result, you will not see this topic-related suggested article in the future.

Manage Interests: Two options are available in Manage Interests options: Your Interest and Hidden.

Your Interests: In this option, you will get the suggested articles based on your interests. Directly you can hide or follow those recommended articles.

Hidden: If you hide any topics from your interest list, you will see only those topics in this option. Quickly, you can unhide any issue there. If you don’t want to block a specific publisher or article from Chrome, you can hide the section of article suggestion.

Here is the way of doing it:-

Step 1. Go to Google Chrome.

Step 2. Open a new tab.

Step 3. Click on the option “Hide,” which is next to the section of “Articles for You.”

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