Get a 1-Year Giveaway of Windscribe VPN with 30 GB Bandwidth per Month for Free

The internet is a vast playground, but geographical restrictions and privacy concerns can hamper one’s digital explorations. Enter Windscribe VPN, your ticket to a liberated and secure online experience. If barriers are curtailing your browsing freedom or if concerns about surveillance dampen your online adventures, Windscribe VPN emerges as a powerful solution. Now, imagine enjoying this top-tier VPN service without the associated costs! With our special giveaway, you get to experience Windscribe VPN’s premium offerings for a whole year, completely free, boasting a generous 30GB bandwidth per month.

As we increasingly immerse ourselves in the digital realm, concerns about prying eyes from network providers are justified. Windscribe VPN positions itself as a guardian, offering unbridled access to the global web while shielding you from potential surveillance. Whether you’re connecting to public WiFi at a café or logging into personal accounts while traveling, the VPN ensures your digital footprint remains hidden. Say goodbye to tracking, restrictions, and exposure.

A VPN’s essence lies in its ability to encrypt user activities and assign a shared IP – a mask that lets you blend into the vast online crowd. Wander freely across the digital world, access geo-restricted content, engage in private conversations, and download content without fear of being traced or targeted.

While several VPN services dot the digital landscape, most come with a price tag. Windscribe, a premium service in its own right, is offering its exceptional features for free in this exclusive giveaway. Registering through the promo link instantly grants you 10GB of monthly data for an entire year, and with an added promo code, you bag an additional 20GB! Should you ever feel the need for more, Windscribe offers flexible plans tailored to user needs, ensuring you always remain in control.

Featuring access to servers spanning over 100 countries, including coveted locations like the US, Windscribe VPN champions both desktop and browser protection. Beyond mere VPN functionalities, the application houses a formidable built-in firewall, ensuring that your true IP address never gets accidentally exposed. Dive into a world of unhindered internet exploration with Windscribe VPN at your side.

Free Subscription of Windscribe VPN

Although the free version of Windscribe VPN offers 1 GB of bandwidth per month, you can avail yourself of up to 30 GB of bandwidth per month. To do that, visit the Windscribe web page and sign up for an account. During signup, click the “Have a Voucher?” button and apply one of these voucher codes:-

Voucher code #1: LONGDICK
Voucher code #2: YIHAKURI
Voucher code #3: ISRA2023
Voucher code #4: SYRI2023
Voucher code #5: LEBA2023
Voucher code #6: IRAN2023
Voucher code #7: PALE2023

Note: You can also upgrade to Windscribe Pro by logging in to your account and entering the above-mentioned voucher code under “Claim Voucher.”

Once you have created an account, visit the Windscribe download page and download the desktop client of the VPN for Windows, Linux, or Mac. This time, you’ll get only 10GB per month. Now, log in to your Windscribe VPN account, click the “Claim Voucher” button, and apply the same voucher code. Your 10GB subscription will be upgraded to 30GB of monthly data.

Please note that this application extension is available for popular browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. Furthermore, the VPN mobile app is also available for iOS devices (iPhone) and Android.


In conclusion, Windscribe VPN is an excellent option for those who face restrictions while browsing their favorite websites due to country limitations. The VPN provides privacy and the freedom to explore the internet. The service encrypts all user activity and assigns a shared IP address, enabling users to access any website anonymously without worrying about tracking or location exposure. Windscribe VPN offers servers in over 100 countries, including the US. This giveaway enables users to enjoy Windscribe VPN for free for one year with access to 30GB of bandwidth per month. While the free version of Windscribe VPN offers 1GB of bandwidth per month, users can avail of up to 30GB of bandwidth by using the promo code ZANAZADI during signup. The application is available for desktop, and mobile devices, and popular browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. In summary, Windscribe VPN provides users with an easy and affordable way to browse the internet securely and privately.

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