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Recover Accidentally Deleted Files with Disk Drill on Windows 11/10

Formally known as Pandora Recovery, the Disk Drill data recovery software is available for Windows and Mac. It is one of the most popular data recovery tools that allows you to recover data for free up to 500 MB. That means, to recover the data up to 500 MB of files, you don’t have to […]

How to Block Websites on Firefox, Edge, and Chrome?

Do you want to block certain websites on your computer? Do your children waste a lot of time on social websites. It is possible to block specific websites on any Windows operating system using a freeware tool URL Disabler. URL Disabler URL Disabler is a great productivity tool that allows you to block your desired […]

How to Block Websites on Chrome?

Do you want to apply parental controls to protect your children from seeing certain websites? You might also want to block some websites, for instance, Facebook, while you work. Chrome browser comes with a built-in feature that is called SafeSearch to block websites. Turning on SafeSearch on Chrome, you can hide all explicit contents, like […]

Image To PDF or XPS: Combines Multiple Pictures to a PDF or XPS in Windows 11/10

While PDF is the most popular document to share files over the internet, XPS is a lesser-known file format. Windows 11/10 comes with inbuilt and basic support of both PDF and XPS. That means you can view both types of documents on your PC without any help from a third-party tool. However, to perform an […]

Lazesoft Windows Key Finder: Recover Windows and Office Product Key

Have you lost your product key and need to reinstall Windows or Microsoft Office? Do you want to retrieve the Windows 11/10 product key from BIOS/UEFI? Lazesoft Windows Key Finder is an all-in-one solution for both questions. It is an expert in retrieving the product key of any version of Windows and MS Office. This […]

Pantera PDF Toolkit

PDF stands for Portable Document Format, is the most popular format to share documents online. Because of the popularity of PDF files, Microsoft has added Save as PDF in the Edge context menu. That means while browsing through the Edge browser, if you have come to a nice webpage, right-click and select the Save as […]

How to Quickly Enable or Disable Windows 11/10 Update?

Microsoft has rolled out the Windows 11 preview build to the Insiders with a lot of new features and upgrades over its predecessor. However, there is no straightforward way to stop or turn off the automatic updates in Windows 11. So if you want to prevent your Windows 11 from getting updated, you might prefer […]

How to Enable or Disable “Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to Log on” in Windows 11 / 10?

If you are using Windows 11/10, Windows takes you up to the Lock Screen once you start your PC. After clicking on the Lock Screen, you are prompted for a password if you have set it for your user account. It is a good option, and Windows lets you enter into your PC quickly. However, […]

8GadgetPack: Adds more than 60 gadgets in Windows 11/ 10 / 8.1 / 7

Does your desktop look incomplete without Gadgets? Earlier, we have shared Gadgets Revived and Widget Launcher free applications with you that let you add gadgets to your Windows PC with ease. In this gearupwindows article, we will talk about a freeware tool, 8GadgetPack, that includes more than 60 gadgets for your Windows 11/ 10 / […]

How to Delete a Scheduled Task in Windows 11/10?

Windows 11/10 offers an easy way to create scheduled tasks. But what if you want to delete the scheduled tasks from your PC as it is outdated or no more required. If you don’t delete them, it will keep consuming your PC’s memory, resulting in slowing down the performance of your computer. If you have […]