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Under Freeware, you can find several free applications related to Windows.

EaseUS Partition Master Free: The Best Partition Manager for Windows PC 10

For a better computing experience, it is necessary to create Disk partitions. Disk management helps you in managing and organizing your data into different drives. It also becomes handy to keep the system drives different and run scheduled maintenance tasks, including defragmenting, cleaning, etc. It is never recommended to keep both system files and data […]

8 Ways to Turn Off Windows 10 Laptop Monitor or Screen

How can I turn off my screen without locking my computer? How can I turn off my monitor without locking my laptop? We all know the importance of a battery in a laptop. Every small percentage of battery is crucial for a Windows 10 laptop. If you want to turn off Windows 10 laptop screen […]

How to Merge or Combine PDF files Free in Windows 10?

Windows 10 comes with a lot of features, and one of those features is PDF supports. In Windows 10 PC, you can view and create PDF files without any third-party tool. Microsoft Print to PDF feature lets you convert any document or image file to PDF. However, there is no built-in way to join or […]

Download Free Gaaiho PDF Reader For Windows 10

All major web browsers come with a built-in PDF reader, which means there is no need to install third-party software on your PC to read a PDF file. Those users who are not happy with the built-in browser PDF reader and want to download and install an elegant PDF reader can use Gaaiho PDF Reader. […]

Free Window Registry Repair Tool for Windows 10

The registry is the heart and soul of any Windows operating system. It contains information to control your system’s appearance and behavior. Almost all Windows users gradually experience a downfall in their PC’s performance due to Windows Registry Errors. It is one of the most complex parts of your PC. It is a complex database […]

Black Notepad: A Free Notepad App with Dark Mode or Black Theme

Although Windows 10 allows users to enable Dark Theme in Windows 10 via the Settings app, it doesn’t make any changes to the traditional Notepad app. Those people who want to use a Notepad app with dark mode or black theme on your Windows 10 PC might be interested in a freeware UWP app Black […]

Free macOS Theme and Skin Pack for Windows 10

Have you ever wanted to turn your PC into a Mac? All people can not afford an expensive Apple MacBook, but yes, all we can do that install a macOS theme and skin pack to transform our Windows 10 PC into a MacBook. Some Windows 10 users want their PCs to look like macOS. They […]

Make your Windows Desktop into 3D With BumpTop

Do you love to customize your Windows Desktop? If yes, BumpTop is a good option for you. No more boring desktop you have to see. BumpTop converts your boring Windows Desktop into a 3D desktop and organizes icons in a new fashion. BumpTop transforms it into a 3D desktop that helps you keep organized. BumpTop […]