How to Display Weather on your Windows 11 Taskbar?

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With the release of Windows 11, Microsoft introduced Windows 10-style weather widget. The Widgets button on the Windows 11 taskbar was a regular button to the right of the Start button. After clicking on the widget button, it opened a widgets panel that displayed weather and other information like sports scores and recommended online articles.

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Most Windows 11 users turned off this widget on their machine as it was not so helpful. Now, Microsoft has changed it completely and shows the weather information on the extreme left of the Windows 11 Taskbar. It looks pretty, and without clicking on its icon, you can view the weather right from the taskbar.

Now, when you enable Widgets on your system, it displays current weather along with temperature and a description of the weather, like Partly Sunny, Haze, Extreme UV, etc., on your taskbar.

The Weather widget displays information on the left side of your taskbar if you’re using the standard center-aligned taskbar icons.

However, if you’re using left-aligned taskbar icons, the current weather will be displayed as an icon along with your other taskbar icons. Also, the only temperature will appear on the icon, not words describing the weather.

How to Enable Weather Icon on Windows 11 Taskbar?

If you don’t see the Weather icon on your Windows 11 taskbar, use these steps to enable the same:-

Step 1. First, right-click on the blank area on the taskbar and select the Taskbar settings option in the pop-up menu.

Step 2. Next, turn On the toggle switch Widgets under “Taskbar items” section.

Once you complete the above steps, the weather icon will appear on Windows 11 Taskbar.

To disable the weather icon on the Taskbar, just turn Off the toggle switch Widgets in the above step.

If you want to align Taskbar icons to the center or left side of the screen, scroll down a bit on the Taskbar settings page and click the tile Taskbar behaviors .

Under the “Taskbar behaviors,” use the drop-down menu “Taskbar alignment” and select the Left or Center option.

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