How to enable and use Accent Color in Microsoft Edge?

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Accent Color features are already available in the Microsoft Edge browser, made available starting in Microsoft Edge version 89.0.731.0. However, this option is hidden behind a flag in the Canary build of the app. Enabling Accent Color can be applied to one of the offered colors to the browser window, its toolbar, tabs, and the new tab page background.

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The custom color (Accent Color) feature runs with the default Edge themes, which include the light, dark, and ‘system default’ options; that makes the visual look of the Edge app more flexible and personal.

This article will walk through the steps to enable and use Accent Color in Microsoft Edge. Notably, before Microsoft Edge version 89.0.731.0, only light mode, default, and dark mode theme options were available in the Edge browser. However, now Microsoft Edge comes with a new accent color feature. Ascent Color can be selected and applied on tabs, new tab background, toolbars, etc.

Enable the Accent color option in Microsoft Edge

To enable the Accent color option in Microsoft Edge, do the following:-

Step 1. Launch the Microsoft Edge browser.

Step 2. Open a new tab and type the following in the address bar:-


Step 3. Change from Default to Enabled on the right-side of the Enable picker for the color-based themes option.

Step 4. Edge browse will prompt restart, click on the Restart button of Edge browse bottom right corner.

Now Ascent Color feature is enabled for you, and you can change the accent color to one of the predefined themes.

Change the accent color in Microsoft Edge

Step 1. Again, launch the Microsoft Edge browser.

Step 2. On the browser new tab, type the following to access ascent color:-


Step 3. Select the desired accent color from the grid of the available colors.

Step 4. You can now close the Settings tab.

The selected accent color will now be visible on Microsoft Edge.

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