Explorer Patcher: Restores the Windows 11 Taskbar like Windows 10

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If you are looking for a way to restore the Windows 10 Taskbar and File Explorer in Windows 11, Explorer Patcher may help you. This freeware application adds a .DLL to C:\Windows, and all the necessary files will be downloaded automatically on your PC to make it possible.

According to the developer, this project aims to bring back a productive working environment on Windows 11.

You can access the GUI configuration option of Explorer Patcher to customize the classic functionality based on your needs and preferences. For that, right-click on the Taskbar and select the Properties option. Numerous customization is possible on a Windows 11 PC, so do not hesitate to check it out.

Using the Explorer Patcher freeware tool, you can customize the following:-


  • Windows 10 Style taskbar.
  • Add more taskbar options in Windows Settings app.
  • Customize notifications area icons.
  • Customize system icons in the notification area.
  • Show/hide Search button
  • Show/hide Task view button.
  • Show Desktop button.
  • Automatically hide the taskbar.

System Tray

  • Skin taskbar and pop-up tray menus.
  • Center tray icon pop-up menus.
  • Flyout behavior for tray icon pop-up menus.
  • Show/hide touch keyboard button.
  • Show seconds in the clock.
  • Hide Control Center button.

File Explorer

  • Disable the Windows 11 command bar.
  • Disable the Windows 11 context menu.
  • Disable navigation bar.
  • Disable modern search bar.
  • Hide Search bar.

Start menu

  • Open Start on monitor containing the cursor.
  • Open Start at logon.
  • Open Start in “All apps” by default.
  • Positioning on screen.
  • The maximum number of frequent apps to show.

Window switcher (Alt+Tab)

  • Choose whether to include desktop in the window list.
  • Ability to set the opacity of the window list
  • Set row height, etc.


  • Open the time and date flyout when pressing Win+C (instead of Microsoft Teams).
  • Set default shutdown action for Alt+F4 on the desktop.
  • Show Command Prompt instead of PowerShell in the Win+X menu.

Download Explorer Patcher

You can grab Explorer Patcher from GitHub.


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