Get Old Context Menus Back in Windows 11 using “Win11 Classic Context Menu”

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Windows 11 comes with a new right-click context menu for File Explorer. It is totally different than what we have seen in Windows 10 and earlier Windows operating systems. To see the old context menu in Windows 11, you need to click “Show more options” at the bottom of the modern context menu. If you don’t like to use the modern context menu in File Explorer and always want to use the traditional Windows 10 context menu, you need to edit the Windows registry. But not every Windows users prefer to edit the registry and keep searching for a freeware tool. If you are also hunting for a free application to restore the old context menu on Windows 11, you can use “Win11 Classic Context Menu.”

Win11 Classic Context Menu

The context or right-click menu in Windows 11 is totally redesigned by Microsoft, and limited entries are available compared to old Windows. You will find a row of icons for basic actions like copy, paste, and delete, but it hides some functionality you might want behind a “Show More Options” button. That means every time you need to press an extra option to see all the context menu items.

Using Win11 Classic Context Menu, you can easily enable or disable the classic context menu on your Windows 11 PC. It is available for free download from It is a portable tool that means no need to install it into your computer to apply the changes. It also has a minimalistic interface so that you will not be confused while using it.

To get the old classic menu using this application, first, press the “Enable Win11 Classic Context Menu Style” button to disable “Show More Options” from the Right-Click Menu in Windows 11.

Finally, click on the Restart Explorer button to apply the changes.

Anytime you change your mind and want to get back to the old classic right-click menu on your PC, relaunch the application. After that, click on the Enable Win11 Default Context Menu Style button. Finally, hit the Restart Explorer button. That’s it.

Download Win11 Classic Context Menu

To get the old classic context menu on your Windows 11, download “Win11 Classic Context Menu” here.

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