How to Change Drive Letter on Windows 11 (3 Easy Methods)?

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How to Change Drive Letter on Windows 11 (3 Easy Methods)?

Windows 11 automatically assigns a “drive letter” to each internal storage, USB drive, DVD drive, and mapped network drive to identify the volume and make it available on File Explorer or other applications.

However, if you want, Windows 11 allows you to change the drive letter to anything you want without deleting or wiping the data on the storage disk. For example, you might want to use a specific letter for a drive.

A drive letter can be any character from the English alphabet. However, you cannot use the letter “C” because it’s reserved for Windows installation. Also, “A:” and “B:” are reserved letters for floppy drives.

To change the drive letter on Windows 11, follow these steps:-

Step 1. First, press the Windows key + X on your keyboard to open the Power User Menu.

Step 2. Next, select “Disk Management” from the list of options.

Step 3. In the Disk Management window, locate the drive whose letter you want to change.

Step 4. Then, right-click on the drive and select “Change Drive Letter and Paths” from the context menu.

Step 5. After that, click the “Change” button in the Change Drive Letter and Paths window.

Step 6. In the “Assign Drive Letter or Path” window, select the new letter you want to assign to the drive from the dropdown menu.

Step 7. Finally, click on “OK” to save your changes.

That’s it. Now, Windows will assign the new drive letter to your selected drive. Remember that changing the drive letter of a system drive or a drive containing installed programs may cause those programs to stop working correctly. Therefore, it’s recommended that you only change the drive letters of removable drives or drives that don’t contain installed programs.

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