OneNote Freeware App for Windows 11 and 10

One of the best-operating systems in Microsoft Operating systems history is Windows 11. Microsoft developed Windows 11 with a beautiful feel and novel look, and it has numerous new and improved features. According to the claim of Microsoft Corporation, your life will be easier if you use Windows 11. It is the best compared to the other Windows version because it offers a windows store redesigned way, and Android apps get better support from it. Windows 11 is appealing for its beautiful feature, but it also has the new feature to host thousands of third-party apps. Previously Universal Windows Apps were restricted to the Windows Store, but now Windows 11 supports traditional apps in desktop-like WinZip, Canva, and Zoom. However, it would be a praiseworthy task to select one app from the numerous freeware apps list compatible with Windows 11. But here, I’m going to discuss the details of the OneNote freeware app.

OneNote for Windows 11/10

A digital notebook system is OneNote, which helps you organize your notes properly on Windows PC. On the OneNote freeware app, you can type and write down your ideas, draw or write, or capture the web pages. Moreover, OneNote is a freeware app compatible with Windows 11, using which you can complete many of your tasks. Effortlessly you can share special notes with your family and friends in real-time across the platform. Moreover, you can access your notes from different devices if you want. Download the OneNote freeware app on iOS and Android and easily access your note.

OneNote is a freeware compatible app, and it’s a productivity tool and free digital note-taking application. The users of Windows 11 can use the app to record audio, take notes, capture screenshots, share notes, etc. However, the OneNote freeware app is applicable for Windows, iOS, Mac, and other Android devices. Again, this is a free desktop app, and it runs on Microsoft Windows 11/10 and all supported versions.

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OneNote’s all supported versions are free to use and download. However, sometimes you may need to unlock certain premium features of OneNote with the subscription to Microsoft 365 or Microsoft Office 2019. Unlike other programs of Microsoft, which require subscription or payment to use the app, for the OneNote app, you don’t need to pay anything. This app is free no matter which device you use, irrespective of PC, iPhone, Mac, Android, or iPad. You can freely download the OneNote app from the Microsoft store for your personal computer.

Benefits of OneNote

  • OneNote enables the user’s real-time
  • Collaboration
  • It secures sensitive and valuable information
  • The user of Windows 11 can use OneNote for recording information and ideas
  • Easy to support and share the notes in multimedia
  • You can integrate OneNote with other software

Problems That May Arise in OneNote

If you face any problem using OneNote on Windows 11, the possible issue might be in the setting .dat file. OneNote’s setting file is a .dat file, and if there is corruption in the file, you will fail to use the OneNote freeware app properly. If you face such a problem, try to start the app again and check whether the problem still exists or not.

OneNote for Windows 11

The OneNote app for Windows 11 is a pre-installed and ready-to-use app on Windows 11’s all edition. But you can also manually download the free app from the Microsoft Store app. However, the user can not use the installed OneNote for Windows 11 on any other previous Windows versions.

When you use a Microsoft 365 subscription or compatible Office 2019 to use OneNote for Windows 11, you will enjoy various premium features of this app. However, the premium features include Researcher, Ink Replay, and Math Assistant.

Download OneNote

You can download the OneNote application from here.

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