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Puran Utilities: A Free Optimization Suite for Windows 10/11

There are many free Windows Optimizers, Registry Cleaners & Junk Cleaners available for the Windows operating system. Many of these Optimization Suites are very popular with Windows users, as everyone wants to keep their PC on top condition. In this post, we will share a free Windows tool, Puran Utilities. This freeware is from the […]

Intel Graphics Command Center not opening or working, how to fix it?

Are you tired of using Intel boring and old design of Intel Graphics Control Panel? There is a piece of good news for the Intel Graphics card user. Intel has launched a brand new and modern design Graphics Command Center which you can download from the Microsoft Store. New Intel Graphics Command Center comes with […]

How do I set the InPrivate (Incognito) mode as default in Edge Browser?

How to always start Microsoft Edge in InPrivate mode on Windows 11/10? If you share your Windows 10 computer with others and would like to keep the browsing history private by default, it is possible to make Edge always run in InPrivate mode. This post will show the complete steps to set the InPrivate or […]

How to take screenshots in Edge using Web Capture Feature?

How do I screenshot a Web page in Microsoft edge? Chromium-based built-in Edge browser comes with a lot of features. It allows you to restart the Microsoft Edge browser without losing previous opened Tabs in Windows 11/10. You can view, edit, and delete Saved Passwords on the Edge browser without any extension of add-ons. When […]

How to dress up Windows 11/10 with macOS Dock?

How to get macOS Dock on Windows 11/10? How do I use the macOS Dock on Windows 10? If you want to dress up your Windows 11/10 with a stylish look, you should download and install a macOS dock. In this gearupwindows article, we will introduce a new freeware tool Winstep Nexus. Winstep Nexus for […]

How to Enable Windows Sandbox Feature in Windows 11/10 Home Edition?

Although Windows Sandbox is a part of Windows 11/10 Pro and Enterprise starting with version 1903 (build 18305), this feature is not available for Windows 11/10 Home Edition. Windows Sandbox is a new lightweight desktop environment that enables you to run applications safely in isolation. What is the use of Windows Sandbox? We often download […]

How to Prevent Pinning or Unpinning of Programs to the Taskbar in Windows 11 or 10?

With the default settings of Windows 11/10, the Taskbar remains visible always; however, you can configure it to auto-hide. You can pin your popular program to the Taskbar to access it quickly. Using Group Policy or Registry Editor, you can disable or lock all Taskbar Settings in Windows 10. However, if you only want to […]

How to Merge or Combine PDF files Free in Windows 11/10?

Windows 11/10 comes with a lot of features, and one of those features is PDF supports. In Windows 11/10 PC, you can view and create PDF files without any third-party tool. Microsoft Print to PDF feature lets you convert any document or image file to PDF. However, there is no built-in way to join or […]

What are the main uses of the Microsoft Print to PDF feature in Windows 11/10?

Windows 11/10 offers a built-in feature to take the printout of a document in a PDF (Portable Document Format) file known as Microsoft Print to PDF. It is one of the important features that all Windows users do not know. If you don’t know the importance of “Microsoft Print to PDF” in Windows 11/10, this […]

Fix: “Microsoft Print to PDF” is missing from Printer Selection

How to restore Microsoft Print to PDF? How to activate Microsoft Print to PDF option? Microsoft Print to PDF is a built-in function of Windows 11/10. It allows users to print any document in PDF format with a click. That means you don’t need to download and install third-party software on Windows 11 or 10 […]