Giveaway: Grab PDF Conversa Pro Free License for 6 Months

PDF Conversa Pro is a professional PDF tool used to convert any file format to PDF. Its regular license code price is 20.00 USD, but in the giveaway period, you will get it completely free for 6 months. Even you can update this tool and ask the developer if there are any issues.

PDF Conversa Pro for Windows 11 and 10

The Ascomp PDF Conversa Pro is compatible with Windows XP to 11, which means you can use it with your latest version of Windows 11 and 10 too.

Using this application, you can quickly convert PDF documents into a Word format DOC/RTF or convert Word documents into PDF.

Conversion of PDF to Word is also possible into the Word file format DOC or RTF with a few mouse clicks. After converting the documents also, the graphics, tables, and fonts associated with the basic layout remain unchanged. It even allows you to convert password-protected documents.

During the conversion of DOC/DOCX to PDF, if you need, you can set passwords in your Word documents. This application allows you to integrate custom fonts into the PDF file. During conversion, you can select texts to be compressed and even determine the picture quality of the contained graphics.

Send documents in your desired format or edit existing ones in your preferred file format. PDF Conversa processes the transformation with just one click.

Free License of PDF Conversa Pro

To get the free license of PDF Conversa Pro, just visit this giveaway page (link2 | link3), fill out the form, and hit the “Send” button. When you’re done, you will receive a confirmation email from ASCOMP Software.

Open up your email and click the confirmation link. Once done, you will be directed to your ASCOMP account page, where you can download the full version setup file. By clicking the “Download Full Version” link, you can download the installer of this software.

You can copy the license code from the giveaway page and then apply it to the software to activate it for free if needed.


In conclusion, PDF Conversa Pro is a professional PDF tool that offers efficient and convenient file format conversion to PDF. With its compatibility with Windows 11 and 10, users can easily convert PDF documents to Word format (DOC/RTF) or convert Word documents to PDF. The software preserves the original layout, including graphics, tables, and fonts, and even supports password-protected documents. Additionally, the application allows customization options such as integrating custom fonts, compressing text, and adjusting picture quality. With the current giveaway, users can obtain a free license for six months, enabling them to fully utilize the software’s features and receive updates and support from the developer. PDF Conversa Pro is a valuable tool for anyone seeking seamless and reliable PDF conversion capabilities on Windows 11 and 10.

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