How to Add Missing WinRAR Entry in Right-Click Context Menu?

WinRAR is a world-famous archiver tool that lets you extract contents from a RAR, ZIP, and other archive files with a simple right-click. After performing right-click, select the option “Extract Files” to get the contents of an archive file in a folder. With the default configuration of WinRAR, it integrates itself into the right-click context menu and helps you to extract archive file contents with comfort. This application does not only open and extracts archive file content; it is also useful when you want to open an ISO file without mounting to a virtual CD-ROM.

As said above, by default, WinRAR integrated into right-click context menu when you install it on your PC. But, a few Windows users reported that while performing a right-click on the RAR or ZIP file, the WinRAR option is missing.

If the WinRAR option is missing from the File Explorer context menu, you have to perform a lot of steps to extract the content on an archive file. Earlier, you were able to extract the contents of an archive file with a single click, and now you have to do four to five clicks of the mouse to get the desired results.

When WinRAR is working as it should, after doing a right-click on a RAR or ZIP file, you should get four additional options: Open with WinRAR, Extract files, Extract Here and Extract to. These options help a lot to Windows users to play with an archive file.

If on your Windows 10 PC also, WinRAR entry is missing when you perform a right-click, this gearupwindows article will help you to add them back to the context menu.

How do I Add Missing WinRAR Entry in Right-Click Context Menu?

Step 1. Open the WinRAR application from the desktop shortuct or by searching in Start menu.

Step 2. In the WinRAR application, click on the Options menu and then select Settings from the drop down.

Step 3. In the WinRAR Settings, navigate to the Integration tab and in under Shell integration section check the checkbox Integrate WinRAR into shell.

Step 4. Once done, click the OK button.

After performing the above steps, now perform a right click on any RAR or ZIP file on your PC. I am sure, you will see all the four missing WinRAR options back on the context menu.

That’s all.

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    IT is clicked already but I tried to unclick and click again… it still doesn’t work… please help

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