How to Insert and Delete Page Numbers in Microsoft Word?

You might want to add numbers for easy management if you have a Microsoft Word document with several pages. Adding page numbers to a Microsoft Word document is easy and takes just a few clicks. The pages will be numbered automatically, so you don’t need to scroll every page and number them one by one. […]

How to Password Protect ZIP Files on Windows 11 or 10?

Many free and paid applications are available over the internet, letting you encrypt and safeguard the contents in a zip file. In this gearupwindows article, you will learn to protect ZIP archives with a password on Windows 11 and 10 computers. Since Windows doesn’t have a built-in option to save a zip file with a […]

How to Add or Remove Header and Footer in Microsoft Word?

In a Microsoft Word document, the header and footer are such places at the top and bottom margin of a page where you can include material that will appear on every page of the document. Here, you can have information such as the document’s title, author’s name, section, page number, the total number of pages, […]

How to Disable Application Telemetry in Windows 11 or 10?

Every application that ships with Windows 11 or 10 or you install from the Microsoft store may collect usage data anonymously from your computer. However, if you want to stop, you can turn off Application Telemetry in Windows 11 or 10 using the Local Group Policy Editor or Registry Editor. What is Microsoft Application Telemetry? […]

How to Insert Current Date and Time Quickly in a Word document?

Microsoft Word document allows users to insert the current date and time as a static or dynamic field that updates automatically when a document is opened or printed. Word picks the current date and time from the system and the default formatting from your computer’s regional settings. After inserting the dynamic Date or Time field, […]

How to Wrap Text Around Images in MS Word?

You can easily copy and paste an image or picture into your Microsoft Word document. But, wrapping texts around the photos is not an easy task. If you want to wrap texts organized around the images, then keep reading this gearupwindows article. How to Wrap Text Around Images in Microsoft Word? To wrap text around […]

How to Close a Tab with Double Click in Firefox and Vivaldi?

When it comes to browser selection, you have a number of choices, including Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Vivaldi, etc. Every browser has unique features, such as closing Tabs on Firefox and Vivaldi with just a double-click on the tab. For this, you don’t need to use an extension or add-on. Once you activate this feature on […]

How to Stop Opera from Asking for Permissions from New Sites?

Similar to Mozilla Firefox, Opera allows you to block asking permission from new sites. You can always deny access to your location, camera, etc. when a site asks you. However, if you need, you can permanently block Opera from requesting permission from new sites. Once you configure this setting in Opera, you will not see […]

How to Prevent Firefox from Asking for Permissions from New Sites?

When you visit a website, depending on the webpage, it may ask you for permission to access Camera, Location, Microphone, Notifications, and Virtual Reality in the Firefox browser. However, if you need, you can prevent such sites from asking you to permit a Camera, Location, etc. You can use the Local Group Policy Editor, Registry […]