How to Enable or Disable Touchpad Tapping (Tap to Click) on Windows 11?

If you are using a Windows 11 built-in touchpad, you may want to enable or disable the tapping feature (Tap to Click) as needed. Tapping on a touchpad means quickly touching and then lifting your finger off the touchpad surface. When tapping is enabled, a tap on the touchpad works like a left mouse button. And when tapping is disabled, the touchpad left button is used for a left-click.

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How to Turn On or Turn Off Touchpad Tapping (Tap to Click) on Windows 11?

Step 1. Open the Settings app by pressing Windows + I keys from the keyboard.

Step 2. When Windows Settings opens, select the Bluetooth & devices from the left sidebar.

Step 3. Now, from the right sidebar, click the option Touchpad.

Step 4. On the Touchpad settings page, click the Taps to expand the menu.

Step 5. Then uncheck the following options to disable Touchpad Tapping (Tap to Click):-

  • Tap with a single finger to single-click.
  • Tap with two fingers to right-click.
  • Tap twice and drag to multi-select.

When you’re done, it is safe to close the Settings. Now, the tap to click is turned off on your Windows 11 laptop. From now, you’ll need to perform pointer clicks with your trackpad.

To enable tap to click again, repeat the above steps, and in step 5 above, check all three options you had unchecked.

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