O&O AppBuster: Removes Apps on Windows 11/10 you do not want

Along with Windows 11/10, Microsoft also includes a set of apps by default. Some of them are nice and useful, but a few of them are useless, and you might never use them in the future. The useless applications list becomes vast when you purchase Windows 11/10 computer preinstalled. Manufacturers also include their apps, and removing one by one of them is a difficult job.

O&O AppBuster for Windows 11/10

When you purchase a new computer, you have to perform many tasks such as installing your favorite apps, Microsoft Office application, etc. O&O AppBuster is a freeware and portable application that gives you complete control over your Windows 11/10 installed software. It lists down the installed software on your computer in a single window where you can decide which apps you want to keep on your computer and which you would like to remove.

The list becomes easier using O&O AppBuster as it divides the apps into categories and gives you tips on which apps you can safely remove or reinstall with one click and which ones you should leave. Furthermore, if you accidentally uninstalled one of these apps, you can also retrieve them with one click. O&O AppBuster shows you which of these Microsoft-supplied apps with Windows 10 are installed on your computer and which you can install on request. It also displays a list of hidden apps.

O&O AppBuster is a free and portable app, which means without installing it on your computer, you can perform the job of uninstallation of the software. You can even run it through a USB flash drive.

Apart from the uninstallation of the software, AppBuster shows the app’s details while clicking on them. After clicking on the application name, you can view the version, platform (32-bit or 64-bit), installation date and time, size of the app, and path.

After reviewing the list of apps, select the desired application(s) by clicking on the checkbox on the left side of the app. Then click on the Remove button on the top right corner of the software interface.

This tool also allows you to create a system restore point. In case something goes wrong, you can restore your PC to a previous working state. To create a system restore, click on the Actions menu and then select Create a system restore point (recommended).

Download O&O AppBuster

Although O&O AppBuster is compatible with Windows 10, it works fine on Windows 11. You can download this little tool from its official website.

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