RocketDock: Animated Mac-style dock for Windows 11/10

Have you recently switched from Mac to Windows 11/10 and missed Mac’s Dock? RocketDock is the right tool that lets you feel dock in Windows 11/10, similar to macOS.

RocketDock for Windows 10/11

Apple lovers developed RocketDock in 2005, and it is still available for Windows operating systems. This dock comes with shortcuts to several commonly-used folders on your system, as well as a fully functioning Recycle Bin. Once you install RocketDock on your PC, you will see This PC, Network, Documents, Music, Pictures, Control Panel, and Recycle Bin are pinned on RocketDock.

You can customize the docks by adding your own folder shortcuts or system files. It lets you change the default icon, and even it comes with 30 themes that let you customize the appearance of your dock.

To add a new application on the dock, just drag the application shortcut to the dock, and it is added in RocketDock. Similarly, if you want to remove any application or folder from the dock, drag the application icon to the outside of the dock; it is removed or deleted from the dock. However, there is an option to lock all docked items so that accidental deletion will not occur.

RocketDock is highly customizable. You can access its settings by clicking on the “Dock Settings” icon from the dock or right-click on free space on the Dock and select the “Dock Settings” option.

If you want to run dock automatically when you start your Windows, you can select the settings “Run at startup” in the General tab. There is also an option to “Lock Items” on the dock if you don’t accidentally delete any dock items.

You can set the quality of icons in RocketDock between low, average, and high. There are options available to change the opacity, hover effect, and icon size in the dock.

The best part of RocketDock is its positioning feature. You can set your dock location on your Windows PC almost anywhere on the screen. You can choose the left, right, top or bottom options to align the dock horizontally or vertically. Once you set the position of the Dock, you can arrange the Edge Offset and Centering position.

While you can set dock position in almost all areas on the Desktop, you should be more careful when choosing the dock’s position. For instance, if your dock and Taskbar are both at the bottom of your screen, you can accidentally open apps from your Taskbar when trying to click on the dock. However, you can always move this dock to another position or autohide your Taskbar, or you can select autohide to RocketDock.

Download RocketDock

The RocketDock is free software for Windows PC and comes with a cool user interface. It is compatible with Windows 11/10/8/7, both 32-bit and 64-bit architecture. You can download it from its official website.

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