Download 25 Best Mouse Cursors or Pointers for Windows 11/10

We get bored after using the same things; it is human nature and happens with everybody. If you have been using a Windows computer for a long and you are bored, it’s time to change the mouse cursors. Mouse cursors are one of the best ways to make your desktop look unique. It is straightforward, download, install, and start using a new mouse cursor theme. Over the internet, there are a lot of beautiful cursors available. In this post, we will share some of the best cursors obtainable on the internet. You can use these cursors on all the latest Windows OS, including Win 11, 10, 8.1, and Win 7. To install any package, unzip in a folder, right-click on the .inf file, and select install. It instantly applies to your Windows.

If you have installed various mouse pointers schemes on your Windows 11/10 PC, you can easily change the mouse pointers’ schemes.

Numix Cursors

Numix is a set of custom mouse cursors for Windows PCs. Its pointers are smooth and elegant and look entirely professional. The developer has added both dark and light versions of the cursors in this package. To install the package, run the install.inf files.

Download Numix Cursors

Polar Cursors

The polar cursor set was originally made for Linux by Eric Matthews, inspired by a similar custom cursor theme for Linux. It comes with three combinations of sets, white mouse pointers with red, white mouse pointers with green, and white mouse pointers with blue for some cursors. You can install them by running .inf files available in packages.

Download Polar

Oxygen Cursors

The KDE team creates oxygen Cursors. It is one of the most famous mouse pointers, with 37 different color schemes, e.g., black, blue, blue curve, brown, cherry, dessert, green, grey, etc.

Download Oxygen Cursors

Android Material Cursors (Blue)

Good news for Android users. If you are a fan of Android and love Google’s material design, you can now enjoy the Android cursor set in Windows computers. It comes with a .info file that is easy to install on your Windows PC.

Download Android Material Cursors (Blue)

GTCC Cursors

GTCC is another fantastic set of mouse pointers that suites in Windows PC. The arrows are gray and have a curved appearance, making them different. This pack also includes an inf file to quickly install on a computer or laptop.

Download GTCC Cursors

El Capitan Cursors for Windows

El Capitan Cursors are an incredible set of cursors, which macOS inspires. If you love the old El Capitan version of macOS, you will enjoy this set of cursors in Windows. This set comes with an info file, which means easy to install on your Windows.

Download El Capitan Cursors for Windows

Metro X Cursor Set

Metro X Cursor Set is a combination of cursors of different colors. This set also includes an inf file to install on your Windows PC.

Download Metro X Cursor Set

Gaia 10 Cursors

Gaia 10 has nifty-colored sets of mouse pointers. It also includes an inf file for easier installation.

Download Gaia 10 Cursors

Gant Cursor Pack

The “Gant Cursor Pack” contains two color schemes: yellow and blue, each with two sets. In other words, we can say there is a total of 4 sets of GANT cursors, which are available in 4 separate folders. All folders include an inf file to install on your PC.

Download Gant Cursor Pack


Direction comes with a set of extraordinary mouse pointers in light blue color. There is an inf file included in the folder to install it easily.

Download Direction Cursors

Mario Gant Cursors

The developer of Mario Gant Cursors has developed this set of cursors by keeping in mind Super Mario’s character. It is a pretty awesome set of mouse pointers. There is also an inf file included installing in Windows PC.

Download Mario Gant Cursors

UNDERSized Cursors

UNDERSized packs simple and small size set of cursors specially designed for personal use in Windows PC. An inf file is included in this set of mouse pointers to install on your quickly PC.

Download UNDERSized Cursors

Rainbow Cursors

Rainbow Cursors is based on Mac cursors that change their color constantly. If you like different colors, you will love this set of cursors. It also includes an inf file to install easily on your PC.

Download Rainbow Cursors

Metro X3 Cursor Set

Metro X3 Cursor Set is a combination of cursors of different colors. This set also includes an inf file to install on your Windows PC.

Download Metro X3 Cursor Set

Mickey Mouse

If you are a fan of the Mickey Mouse cartoon, you will enjoy this set of mouse pointers. These mouse pointers are specially designed for children by keeping them in mind.

Download Mickey Mouse Cursors

macOS Sierra Retina cursors

macOS Sierra Retina cursors come with a set of Sierra pointers. It includes a .inf file to install easily on Windows PC.

You can download macOS Sierra Retina cursors from here.

Capitaine cursors

Capitaine cursors is an x-cursor theme inspired by macOS and is based on KDE Breeze. To install these cursor sets, unzip the file in a folder. Now, navigate to bin > Windows folder. Right-click on the install.inf file and select the install option. That’s all.

You can download Capitaine cursors from here.

Cursor Manager

Unlike the other cursors pack that includes a .inf file, the Cursor Manager is a dedicated free cursor manager that comes as an executable file. When you run this exe file, it lets you quickly manage mouse cursors on Windows 11/10. It is a GUI-based program that enables you to choose from several mouse cursor themes. These mouse cursor themes include Bindweed Cursors, Pink Premium, Icy Blue, Heart Pink Set, Vista Red, and Aqua Swirl.

Apart from additional mouse cursors, it also includes the Windows default mouse cursor theme. If someone wants to go back to default mouse cursors, simply select ‘Windows Default Cursors’ from its GUI.

You can download Cursor Manager from

WoW Cursors

WoW Cursors is a free set of mouse cursors that are based on the World of Warcraft game. You will like these mouse cursors if you love playing the World of Warcraft game. Simply download the cursor file and extract the folder on your PC. You will find all the fantastic WoW based mouse cursors inside the extracted folder. Then, open the Mouse Properties window and browse WoW Cursors’ location to use the custom cursors.

You can download WoW Cursors from here.

Star Wars Reloaded

Star Wars Reloaded is a free mouse cursor theme for Windows 11/10 based on the game. Multiple handy mouse cursors in different color codes represent the Star Wars theme.

You can download Star Wars Reloaded from here.

Chrome Glass

Chrome Glass is another free mouse cursor set for Windows 11/10. In this package, you will find the cursor set with arrows in different colors, including white, blue, yellow, green, and red, to indicate various activities. It is an animated set of mouse cursors.

It comes with an executable file that you need to run with administrator privilege. Then it will be added to the Scheme drop-down in Windows’ Mouse Properties. So that, after running this executable file, select the Chrome Glass theme from Scheme’s drop-down menu in the Mouse Properties window.

Download Chrome Glass

Gaia10 Cursors

Based on the Earth theme, Gaia10 Cursors is a free set of mouse cursors that is primarily intended to spread environmental awareness and add a bit of greenery to your desktop. It comes with a total of 10 mouse cursors, including six static and four animated cursors. So, this mouse cursor set is for you if you like Green.

Download Gaia10 Cursors

Portal Themed Cursor Set

Portal Themed Cursor Set is based on the Portal game series. It brings back the nostalgia associated with this quite an old game. This cursor set transform your mouse cursors into a Portal gun crosshair.

You can grab it here.

EVO Custom Cursors

EVO Custom Cursors is another set of free mouse pointers for Windows 11/10. Those people who love Mac will like these cursors. It includes a set of 25 animated mouse cursors.

Download EVO Custom Cursors

Wii Cursors

Wii Cursors are based on Wii’s web browser. It includes 18 cursors including 15 static and 3 animated. In this set of cursors, you will get multiple variants of the move, grab, help, open, pointer, and other mouse pointers.

Download Wii Cursors

We have included the 25 best mouse cursors for your Windows computer. If you know about some other excellent set of cursors, let us know by comment. We will include them.

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