gBurner Virtual Drive: Free utility for creating and managing virtual CD/DVD drives

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There is nothing wrong with the built-in mounting feature of Windows 8 and 10, but if you need more features, you would prefer to use freeware tools like WinCDEmuVirtual CloneDrive, etc.

gBurner Virtual Drive

gBurner Virtual Drive is another free utility available for Windows PC that is specially designed for creating and managing virtual CD / DVD drives. It features a vast list of CD/DVD image file formats. You can mount the following image formats on a Windows PC:-

  1. ISO (Standard ISO File)
  2. GBI / GBP (gBurner Image Files)
  3. DAA (PowerISO Image Files)
  4. NRG (Nero Image Files)
  5. MDF / MDS (Alcohol Image Files)
  6. BIN / CUE (CDRWin Image Files)
  7. UIF (MagicISO Image Files)
  8. ISZ (UltraISO Image Files)
  9. ASHDISC (Ashampoo Image Files)
  10. DMG (Apple Mac Image Files)
  11. GI (RecordNow Image Files)
  12. BWI / B5I (BlindWrite Image Files)
  13. IMG (CloneCD Image Files)
  14. CDI (DiscJugger Image Files)
  15. PDI (InstantCopy Image Files)
  16. NCD (NTI CD-Maker Image Files)
  17. LCD (CDSpace Image Files)
  18. CIF (Easy CD/DVD Creator Image Files)
  19. P01 (Gear Image Files)
  20. PXI (PlexTools Image Files)
  21. C2D (WinOnCD Image Files)
  22. FCD (Virtual CD-ROM Image Files)
  23. VCD (Virtual Drive Image Files)

gBurner Virtual Drive offers to create a maximum of 16 virtual drives and can be mounted above mentioned all format image files. Once you download and install it on your PC, you can mount LCD, CIF, C2D, NRG, DMG, GI, ISO, BWI, BIN, MDF/MDS, GBI,  IMG, PDI, VCD, FCD, C2D, and other format image files.

Once installed on your computer or laptop, it sits in the system tray in the Taskbar. You can access all the settings of gBurner Virtual Drive by right-clicking on its tray icon. You can set the number of drives and then use the mount option for those drives. Unmounting a single drive and unmount all drives together options are also present there. If you don’t want any virtual drive, there is no need to uninstall this software; there is an option available to disable all virtual drives.

If you need, you can also access the Configuration panel of this software by accessing this tool’s Options section. The Configuration panel lets you set the drives, assign a letter to a virtual drive, and autostart this software. You can even enable/disable automount image file through the configuration panel of the gBurner Virtual Drive.

Overall gBurner Virtual Drive tool is good and can mount up to 26 CD/DVD image formats. There are limited options available on this software that a novice can also operate. There are two separate files available for 32-bit and 64-bit architecture; before downloading, make sure you have chosen the right file. You can utilize this freeware utility on Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP.

Download gBurner Virtual Drive

You can download the gBurner Virtual Drive freeware utility from its official webpage.

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