WinBurner: A Free and Simple ISO Maker Tool for Windows 11 and 10

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WinBurner is a simple and effective Windows tool that includes several features related to ISO. This software includes functions such as writing files to CD/DVD, writing ISO to CD/DVD, creating ISO from CD/DVD, and creating ISO from files.

Using this freeware tool, one can create an ISO file from a folder (including sub-folders and files), a file (like EXE, Audio, Video, documents, etc.), or a DVD/CD drive. Once you generate an ISO file, you can burn that ISO file to a CD/DVD if required, mount it to a virtual drive or share it with someone else if needed. You can even use this tool to create a backup of your important files or folders in an ISO file that will remain safe.

The WinBurner comes in two versions, and you can use either installer or a portable version if you don’t want to install it on your computer. It is hardly 564 KB in size, and you can download it from its official website.

Once you download and run this software on your computer, you will find four dedicated options Write ISO to CD/DVD, Write files to CD/DVD, Create ISO from CD/DVD and Create ISO from files.

Clicking on any of these options will open a separate box. For instance, if you want to create an ISO file for your important data (file(s) or folder(s)), click “Create ISO from files.”

Then, select a file or folder you want to add to the ISO file, choose the location where you want to save the file, and finally, click on the “Create” button. This will make an ISO file for your selected file(s)/folders(s) in your chosen directory.

Download WinBurner

If you need, you can download the WinBurner freeware tool from its official website.

You might also be interested in Folder2iso and IsoCreator, which are tiny in size and similar in function.

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