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How to Download Bluetooth Drivers for Windows 11 or 10?

Although Bluetooth Drivers come preinstalled on your computer, there are times when you need to download them manually, such as the preinstalled driver can get corrupted or you need to update the driver. You can always download Bluetooth drivers on a Windows 10 or 11 PC from the manufacturer’s website. All the major brands host […]

How to Add or Remove Bluetooth Icon from Taskbar in Windows 11?

The classic Bluetooth is still available in modern Smartphones and high-end laptops. Using this technology, you can connect to other computers, Smartphones, and Bluetooth-enabled devices. When Bluetooth is enabled on your device, it appears on the taskbar corner (system tray) by default. If Bluetooth is turned off or disabled, you will not see its icon […]

How to Enable Bluetooth Swift Pair on Windows 11 or 10?

On a Windows 10 PC, Swift Pair is a feature that allows you to connect Bluetooth peripherals to your computer quickly. This feature has been available since Windows 10 version 1803 (April 2018 Update). This reduces the steps required to pair a device. When Swift Pair it’s enabled, set the Bluetooth peripheral closer to your […]

How to Check Bluetooth Adapter Version in Windows 11/10?

Bluetooth is one of the old technologies used to transfer files between a mobile device and computer. However, many times Bluetooth version is not supportive, which creates issues in connecting and sharing the files. While most smartphones today support Bluetooth 4.0 or later, you might be unable to transfer the files if your Windows 11/10 […]

How to Connect a Bluetooth Keyboard or Mouse to Windows 11/10 that doesn’t have a Transceiver?

Typically, a Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse comes with a unique transceiver that you can not use to pair with other Bluetooth-enabled keyboards or mice. However, all modern hi-end Bluetooth Keyboards and Mice do not include their own transceiver. Instead, they rely on the transceiver built into the desktop or portable computer to which it is […]

How to View Bluetooth Device Battery Life in Windows 11 or 10?

Nowadays, most Windows users prefer to use Bluetooth devices like speakers, mice, or a keyboard. If you are worried about how much battery is remaining, Windows 11 lets you quickly check the battery life of Bluetooth devices in the Settings app. It may not show the remaining battery life of the Bluetooth devices when proper […]

How to Pair a Bluetooth Speaker or Headphone with Windows 11 or 10?

If you have Bluetooth audio devices such as headphones, headsets, or speakers, they need to be paired and connected before using on a Windows PC. To detect a Bluetooth audio device by your computer, your PC needs a Bluetooth receiver or adapter. Most modern laptops and computers have a built-in Bluetooth receiver. If your PC does […]

How to Unpair a Bluetooth Device on Windows 11?

Do you want to unpair or disconnect a Bluetooth-connected device from Windows 11? When you pair your Windows 11 PC using Bluetooth with another device (for example, a phone), pairing details get saved on both devices until you remove it manually. Next time, when Bluetooth is enabled on both devices and is within the range, […]

How do I lock my Windows 11 PC when I walk away?

Windows 11 includes an incredible feature to secure your computer from unauthorized access known as Dynamic Lock. It works with Bluetooth technology, and you need a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone to work it properly. If you work in a shared environment and want to keep your computer secure from unauthorized access, consider enabling Dynamic Lock. Dynamic Lock […]

How to Use Nearby Sharing on Windows 11?

Do you want to send files, links, photos, and more to nearby PCs over Bluetooth? Windows 11 includes the “Nearby Sharing” feature that works similar to Apple’s AirDrop. Using this “Nearby Sharing” feature of Windows 11, you can send any size file to another PC under the Bluetooth range. This feature depends upon Bluetooth, so […]