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How to Change Windows 11 Start Menu Default Search to Google?

By default, when you search for something in the Windows 11 Start menu, it displays files/folders and web links. When you click on a web link, it uses Microsoft Edge to open all web search queries on Bing. There is no setting in Windows to configure your default browser for Start menu Search and replace […]

How to Use Google Fonts in Microsoft Word on Windows 11/10?

Microsoft Office application includes a lot of fonts. However, if you want to use a specific font on the Microsoft Word program on Windows 11/10 PC, it is also possible. Google Fonts aren’t limited to the web, which means you can download and use them on any other supported apps such as Microsoft Word. In […]

How to Enable or Turn On Desktop Notifications for Gmail in Windows 10?

Gmail is one of the best and free email services which search engine giant Google provides. This gearupwindows article will guide you on enabling and disabling desktop notifications for Gmail emails on a Windows 10 PC. Many of us receive several emails in our inbox daily. Some emails require immediate attention from the user; for […]

Google and Qualcomm collaborate to provide up to 4 years of updates to Android

Intending to reduce the Android ecosystem’s fragmentation through different mobile manufacturers and devices, Google had launched Project Treble. The project initially focused on helping mobile manufacturers push out updates rapidly. Now, Google has announced a new partnership with Qualcomm to develop and expand Project Treble to the SoC level. According to the report, Android was […]