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How to Change the Startup Folder of MS Word in Windows 11 or 10?

The Microsoft Word Startup folder retains all the data files, add-ins, themes or templates, etc. When you start the MS Words document, it fetches all the data from the respective Startup folder. By default, when you install MS Office on your PC, it sets the default location of the Startup folder as “C:\Users\user-name\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Word\STARTUP.” However, Word […]

How to Stop or Block Macros from Running in Microsoft Office?

Microsoft allows you to block Macro virus or Macro targeted malware files from the Internet from opening & running automatically in your Microsoft Office programs such as Word, Excel, or PowerPoint documents. For that, you need to use Group Policy in Windows 11/10. Office Macros are codes written in Visual Basic (VBA) to carry out […]

How to Restore a Missing Microsoft Word Document to the Right-click Context Menu on Windows 11?

I recently performed a right-click on Windows 11 PC, selected the New option, and was surprised, Microsoft Word Document was missing from the context menu. Microsoft Office program allows us to draft an attractive word document. If it is missing from the right-click menu, you need to click on the Start button and search for […]

How to create and use a keyboard shortcut for Emoji in Office apps on Windows 11/10?

Most people love emojis, and many use emojis while sending emails or sharing an image on social media platforms. A few of us also insert emojis on a world document. To insert an Emoji in MS Word, you might have to go through many steps. Do you want to create a keyboard shortcut for them? […]

How to Add or Remove Words from the Microsoft Office Word Dictionary?

Over the years, Microsoft Office Word document has played a vital role in our professional lives. Every time you want to create a professional document, you need to open a Microsoft Office Word document. One of the most useful features in Microsoft Word is the autocorrect feature, but sometimes it annoys a bit. For example, […]

How to remove all Images at once in Microsoft Word document?

Suppose you are working on a Microsoft Word document where hundreds of images are inserted, and you want to remove all of them simultaneously. It is possible to remove them one by one, but it will consume a lot of time. Have you ever wondered how to remove several images altogether without disturbing the formatting […]

How to use Microsoft Word’s built-in Screenshot tool?

Taking a screenshot of Windows 10 is an entirely easy process. You can use the Prt Sc (Print Screen) keyboard button or Snipping Tool application to take a screenshot of the desired area. The latest version of Microsoft Word Document also comes with a built-in option that helps you to take the screenshot. Those who […]

How do I find recently saved documents or files?

How to View Recently Saved Files in Windows 10? Windows 10 keeps track of important actions, including opening a file, modifying, or saving it. If you have recently created an important file onto your Windows 10 PC but not sure where you saved it? Do you forget the file name of a recently saved file? Have […]

Fix: Microsoft Word Document option Missing from the Right-Click Context Menu

If you have installed the Microsoft Office program on your PC, you know the Word document’s importance. Word Document is used to draft an attractive document and also allows to modify the existing documents. Usually, to create a new Word Document, we perform a right-click on Desktop and select New and then Microsoft Word Document. […]

Fix: Something went wrong in Microsoft Office 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019

Recently I tried to open a Microsoft Word document in MS Office 2016 program and received a message, “Something went wrong.” A similar error message appeared while I tried to launch MS Excel Workbook and PowerPoint Presentation. When I searched the internet for this error, I felt that many Windows 10 users face these issues […]