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How to add, move or remove Desktop Toolbar to or from Windows 10 Taskbar?

If you want to access all shortcuts on your desktop quickly, including Control Panel, This PC, Network, User Profile, and Recycle Bin, it is a better idea to add Desktop Toolbar to  Windows 10 Taskbar. The desktop toolbar allows you to quickly access the Control Panel, This PC, Recycle Bin, Network, etc., without accessing the […]

How to prevent users from adjusting Toolbar on Windows 10 Taskbar?

If you are using a shared computer and don’t want to allow others to add, remove, or adjust Toolbars on the Windows 10 Taskbar, it is possible to restrict the policy with Registry Editor or Group Policy Editor. The toolbar is easily accessible after logging into Windows, and let’s launch programs and files from the […]

How to create a custom toolbar to launch programs and files quickly from Windows 10 Taskbar?

Most of us want to launch our favorite apps from the desktop itself. For easy access to files and programs, most of us create a shortcut on the Desktop. Some of us use the taskbar/toolbar function to launch the programs easily. Microsoft has added a toolbar/taskbar function in every version of Windows, including Win 7/8/10. […]