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How to Add or Remove Microsoft XPS Document Writer Printer in Windows 11?

Microsoft XPS Document Writer Printer is a built-in application on Windows 11; however, it remains turned off by default. To open XPS/OXPS document, you need to install the XPS Viewer application on your PC first. Once you have installed the XPS Viewer on your computer, you can view XPS documents on your PC. Similarly, you […]

How to Save a Gmail Message as a PDF or XPS Format on Windows 10?

If you are using Windows 10 operating system, it comes with built-in printers, “Microsoft Print to PDF” and “Microsoft XPS Document Writer.” That means Windows 10 users do not need to install third-party software to print a file into PDF or XPS format. You can use these printers to print the Gmail messages on Windows […]

4 Best Free Online XPS and OXPS to PDF Converter

Windows 10 allows opening OXPS and XPS files with the XPS viewer application, and with a small trick, you can convert an OXPS and XPS document to PDF without any third-party tool. Those who prefer to use a third-party tool or want to convert multiple OXPS or XPS documents to PDF at once can download […]

How to convert an OXPS and XPS document to PDF in Windows 10?

Windows 10 comes with an XPS Viewer application that lets you open and views OXPS and XPS files. It is a lesser-known file format, and a little support is available on another platform like Android or Mac. Even old Windows users can not open it without a third-party tool. If you share an XPS or […]

Is it possible to take a screenshot of the Windows 10 Login Screen?

If you have not changed the Lock Screen’s default settings on Windows 10, then to go to the desktop, you need to first click on the Lock Screen, and then you see the login screen. If you are troubleshooting your PC or, for some reason, you want to take a screenshot of the Lock Screen; […]