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How to Run File Explorer as Administrator in Windows 11?

File Explorer, also known as Windows Explorer or Explorer, is a file and folder browser available in every version of Windows, including Windows 11. The File Explorer is used to browse internal and external hard drives, folders, and all types of files on your PC. By default, when you open File Explorer in Windows, it […]

How to Move or Restore Default Location of Personal Folders in Windows 11?

Suppose you are running out of storage and want to move your personal folders to another location or have already transferred your folder to another drive and now want to restore it to its original place. In that case, this gearupwindows article will guide you. Windows 11 allows you to move the default location of […]

How to Reset File Explorer Folder View on Windows 11?

A lot of customization is possible on Windows 11. If you have already made several changes in the File Explorer folder view or due to some reason you need to reset it, this gearupwindows article will guide you. Using File Explorer folder views, one can add or remove the preview/details pane, displaying icons vs. list, […]

How to Enable or Disable Single Click on Windows 11?

By default, Windows 11 opens a file or folder when you double-click on them. This is opted by Microsoft to prevent the accidental opening of an item on your PC. However, a few Windows users are unhappy with this feature and want to open an item with just a single click. If you are one […]

How to Enable or Disable the File Explorer Command Bar in Windows 11?

Windows 11 comes with many new features and several changes in GUI compared to Windows 10. One of the significant changes made by Microsoft on Windows 11 is in File Explorer. Microsoft has scraped off the conventional ribbon that appears on the top of the File Explorer with some convenient file operations. Its command bar […]

How to Enable or Disable Check Boxes to Select Items in Windows 11?

The checkmark or checkbox on icons is a feature in Windows that allows users to select multiple files and folders quickly. On Windows 11, this feature is known as “Item check boxes.” When this feature is enabled on your computer, all icons on your desktop and files/folders in File Explorer will have checkboxes on them. […]

How do I Restart Windows Explorer (File Explorer) on Windows 11?

File Explorer is also known as Windows Explorer. It is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) to navigate through Windows operating system. If your file explorer is not working or, for some reason, you may want to restart it, this gearupwindows article will guide you to do so. Restarting File Explorer is just like closing and […]

How to Pin File Explorer to Windows 11 Taskbar?

It is possible to unpin or remove the File Explorer icon from the taskbar of Windows 11. To do that, right-click on the File Explorer icon on the taskbar and select the option option. Once you click on the Unpin from taskbar, the File Explorer icon will be removed immediately. It is straightforward to remove […]

How to Open File Explorer in Windows 11?

Like Windows 10, Windows 11 also comes with a built-in file manager application known as File Explorer. It is one of the most crucial apps in Windows 11 that enables you to open, move, copy, rename, or delete files, and a lot more. Using File Explorer, you can easily navigate and manage the drives, folders, […]

Set “File Explorer” to open to “This PC” instead of “Quick Access” on Windows 11

How do I stop File Explorer from opening Quick Access on Windows 11? If you have installed Windows 11 on your PC or a virtual machine, you might have noticed that when you open File Explorer using + shortcut keys or by clicking on its icon on the taskbar, it opens Quick Access by default […]