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How to save webpages as PDF in Chrome, Firefox or Edge on Windows 11/10?

Modern browsers, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge, have an inbuilt feature that allows the user to save any webpage as PDF. Yes, you are right; through these browsers, you can save any webpage as a PDF for future reference. This post will explain how to save a web page as a PDF document […]

How to change the default System Font on Windows 7/10?

If you’re bored using the default system font on Windows 10 and want something new, you can change it to your desired font with a simple registry tweak. By doing registry changes, you can change the Desktop icons’ default system fonts (e.g., Recycle bin, This PC, etc.), title bar, message box, and others. Since this tweaking […]

How to change the default font in MS Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for Windows 10/8/7?

If you are working on an organization PC, do you know what Microsoft Office is for? Microsoft Office comes with a suite of applications required for day-to-day work in an office environment. A few years ago, Microsoft set the default font size and style to Calibri. There is nothing wrong with the Calibri, and you […]

How to enable the UWP File Explorer on Windows 10?

Microsoft keeps improving its Windows 10 operating system. It looks that it will replace the old classic File Explorer shortly. Starting with the Creators Update (v1703), Windows 10 features a hidden File Explorer based on the Universal Windows Platform (UWP). It is a touch-optimized app that might replace the classic File Explorer in the coming […]

Fix: Right-Click not Working or Responding in Start Menu or Start Button of Windows 10

The Right-click context menu is very fruitful. Almost all PC users use right-click context menu every day. Without right-click context menu, we can’t work fluently. It enhances the productivity of the Windows 10 operating system. Right-click on a pinned app or program lets you resize the tile, pin a program as tile, uninstall a program, […]

How to turn your Windows 10 PC into a Wi-Fi Hotspot?

Without the internet, no one can imagine a better life. Nowadays, all of us have a smartphone and an active internet connection. There is nothing wrong with the smartphone internet, but what you will do if you/your friend visit a village and there is no network or 2G network on your/your friend’s smartphone. Windows can […]

How to find where a program is installed on Windows 10?

Most of us install and uninstall various software or program on Windows 10 daily. Many of us ignore the installation path and complete the installation without remembering the installation path. Later, when you actually want to access the installation path, you don’t remember the program’s installation path or location. If you want to access the […]

How to Disable the Mouse Acceleration on Windows 11 or 10?

At various times we encounter an issue with the computer mouse not working properly on Windows 11/10 machines. Sometimes, the mouse does not respond to the movements made as fluently as it normally does, while sometimes, it just downright freezes. These problems come on Windows 11/10 when you incorrectly configure the mouse’s acceleration settings. These […]

How to change the Default Name of the Newly Created folder on Windows 10?

We all know, when we create a new folder on Windows 10 machine, by default, it names it “New folder.” If you are a novice user, create a folder on your Windows 10 OS by right-clicking on any free space on the Desktop, any Drive, or Folder; select New, and select Folder option. Once you […]

How to Turn on Enhanced Safe Browsing in Google Chrome?

Perhaps Google Chrome is the best browser in the world, and you are already aware of that. Several customizations are possible in the Chrome browser. It is possible to create your own Chrome theme online for your choice. If you have limited bandwidth, you can disable the Chrome automatic update feature. You can set the […]