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How to change and set your own favorite website as a browser’s Homepage or Startup page?

Many of us visit a few websites frequently and would like to display when opening a browser or clicking the home button. In other words, if you want to open a specific website while opening the browser, it is possible the same. There are no add-ons or a third party required to set the specific […]

How to save webpages as PDF in Chrome, Firefox or Edge on Windows 11/10?

Modern browsers, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge, have an inbuilt feature that allows the user to save any webpage as PDF. Yes, you are right; through these browsers, you can save any webpage as a PDF for future reference. This post will explain how to save a web page as a PDF document […]

How to Turn on Enhanced Safe Browsing in Google Chrome?

Perhaps Google Chrome is the best browser in the world, and you are already aware of that. Several customizations are possible in the Chrome browser. It is possible to create your own Chrome theme online for your choice. If you have limited bandwidth, you can disable the Chrome automatic update feature. You can set the […]

How to change the default Downloads location in the Opera browser?

The default download location can be changed in the Opera browser too as we have seen in Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Google Chrome browsers. There is no need to download an add-on or registry tweaking is required. How to change the default Downloads location in the Opera browser? Step 1. Launch the Opera browser and click on […]

How to change the default Downloads location in Mozilla Firefox browser?

Do you want to change the default downloads location in the Mozilla Firefox browser? It is possible to change the default location with the built-in options. You can change the default downloads location in the Mozilla Firefox browser like the Edge and Chrome browsers. Yes, it is possible to change the default download location in […]

How to change the default Downloads location in Google Chrome browser?

By default, most browsers save download files from the Internet to the system Download folder, located at C:\Users\username\Downloads. You can change the default location with any preferred location for ease of access, as we have seen in the Edge browser. There are settings available in even Google Chrome browser, through which you can change the […]

How to Disable Proxy on Windows 10 PC?

A local Proxy Server can improve the output of your broadband connection and can even protect against malware infections. Therefore, Microsoft has provided an option to set up Proxy under Windows 10 and an option that can automatically detect the Proxy settings. These proxy settings let the browser know the network address of an intermediary […]

How to install & uninstall themes in the Microsoft Edge browser?

Windows 10 offers a new browser other than Internet Explorer, which is called Microsoft Edge. Customization of the Edge browser is also possible, as we have seen in Google Chrome. Unlike the Chrome browser, the Microsoft Edge browser offers two types of themes: Themes for Edge and themes for websites. Some of the themes have been […]

How to automatically change the New Tab Page background Image daily on Chrome?

Google Chrome is one of the best browsers in the world. One can download and install the latest themes for the Chrome store, and even you can create your own theme. It also allows us to uninstall the Chrome theme. You can even disable chrome automatic updates with a small tweak. If you want to change or disable Google Chrome […]

How to uninstall Google Chrome Themes?

Google Chrome is the most famous browser in the world. Chrome is the most popular browser because of its flexibility of tweaking and security. One can easily tweak the background image of the “New Tab” of Chrome and set his own favorite image. It automatically gets updated time-to-time, which can be stopped by renaming the GoogleUpdate file. Google […]