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How to Add Search Icon back to Taskbar of Windows 11?

Have you removed the search icon from Windows 11 taskbar by mistake? By referring to this gearupwindows article, you can bring back the Search icon to the taskbar of Windows 11. By default, Windows 11 displays a search icon on the taskbar so that users can click on it and search for the desired application […]

CenterTaskbar: Aligns Taskbar icons to Center in Windows 10

Before Windows 11, Microsoft has kept the taskbar icons aligned to the bottom left of the screen. With the launch of Windows 11, Microsoft decided to align the taskbar items to the center of the screen. If you love the center-aligned taskbar icons and want to implement them on Windows 7/8/10, it is possible using […]

How to Show or Hide Icons in Tray Area (Taskbar Corner Overflow) on Windows 11?

How do I show or hide Icons in Taskbar Corner Overflow on Windows 11? Microsft has changed almost everything in the taskbar, Start menu, and notification area in Windows 11 operating system. You can still customize those parts of the operating system, but there are some significant changes. On earlier versions of Windows (up to […]

How to Center the Taskbar Icons in Windows 10?

In earlier all versions of Windows, Microsoft has kept Taskbar items aligned to the left. However, on Windows 11, its position changed to the center of the taskbar. It looks pretty good. Even there is an option to align Windows 11 taskbar items to the left side. While most Windows 10 users are happy with […]

How to Set Black Windows 11 Taskbar without Activating Dark Mode?

Once Windows 11 installed on a computer, it uses a light-colored theme for the taskbar by default. All the default apps of Windows 11, including Settings, Start menu, File Explorer, Action Center, and other operating system areas, use the default settings. If you don’t want to activate Dark theme on Windows 11 but love to […]

How to Align Taskbar Items to the Left in Windows 11?

Windows 11 comes with a whole new design and features. One of the noticeable changes made by Microsoft in Windows 11 is that it has centered on the taskbar items. The start menu and all other icons which appear on the taskbar are aligned centered. For your information only, the Start menu was first introduced […]

How to Enable or Disable Widgets icon on Windows 11 Taskbar?

With Windows 11, widgets are back. It is similar to Windows 10 “News and Interests” feature that remains available on Windows 10 Taskbar. While hovering on its icon on Windows 10 Taskbar, it opens as a pop-up on the right side of the screen. But on Windows 11, by clicking on its icon on the […]

How to Resize Taskbar of Windows 11?

Windows 11 will accessible to all users through this year’s end. However, several new features have been added, and a few have been removed compared to its predecessor, Windows 10. Microsoft brings a new task menu, widgets window, search field, and UI options with the recently launched Windows 11 operating system. One noticeable change that […]

How to Turn Off or Disable News and Interests in Windows 10 Taskbar?

How do I get rid of news and interests on the taskbar? How do I turn off news and interests? Starting with Windows 10 version 20H1, Microsoft has introduced a new button on the right side of the taskbar, which shows the weather and news for your area. In addition, a flyout pops up that […]